Sidney’s Story

Sidney’s treatment at A Child’s Haven (ACH) began when she was three and a half years old. Her pediatrician referred Sidney so she could overcome her social-emotional delays and behavioral challenges such as extreme aggression and anxiety. When our Child and Family Therapist talked with Sidney’s mom Tammy during intake, she learned some disturbing information about the family’s past. 

When Tammy was pregnant with Sidney, her husband, Sidney’s father, was physically abusive. Sidney’s father struggled with alcohol and drug addictions and would lash out at Tammy. He passed away a few years later due to a drug overdose. Even two years after the trauma of losing her husband, the Child and Family Therapist saw the death was still extremely hard for Tammy to discuss, and that Sidney’s family needed ACH services.

During Sidney’s time at ACH, Clinical Treatment staff provided interventions focused on helping Sidney verbalize her needs instead of becoming aggressive and helping Sidney learn to focus on certain tasks. ACH also worked with her mother and grandmother during Family Therapy sessions, and Sidney made great progress. 

Tammy learned that the other caregivers in her child’s life needed to learn to co-parent with her to maximize Sidney’s progress. To get everyone on the same page Sidney’s ACH Child and Family Therapist worked with Sidney’s grandmother and taught her co-parenting strategies. 

Sidney’s behavior began to turn around, and Tammy was thrilled . Sidney would utilize the skills she learned, counting and taking deep breaths when she became frustrated. Tammy even shared that Sidney would say, “Mommy, I need to walk away.” Not only was Sidney able to recognize her anger, she could take care of it on her own!

After 10 months of treatment at A Child’s Haven, Sidney was discharged and started 4K later that summer. Today, Sidney is nine and continues to excel in school. Tammy shared, “Our little family is so thankful for A Child’s Haven. It changed our lives.”

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** Names and a few details have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients


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