The Early Years Are Precious

It’s Our Mission To Nurture Them

A Child’s Haven is a 501(c)(3) organization that treats children with developmental delays as a result of limited resources, abuse, or neglect, and provides support and education for both the child and their families.

It’s our goal to ensure that all children in our community are prepared to start school and have families that nurture their success.


  • After arriving at A Child’s Haven, one little girl was shy, often cried, did not engage peers or staff, and did not express anything verbally or nonverbally. After only a few months, she often initiates interactions with the staff and expresses her wants. Her personality has bloomed here!

    Tracy Blackwell
    Buttercups Room
  • We have a child in our classroom who climbs on furniture and throws materials as a result of stress and overwhelming feelings. More recently, he has been engaging in activities and playing with his peers. This child seeks me out to initiate play, guides me through the hand-washing routine, and is communicating more. Every little bit of progress is exciting and encouraging.

    Jane Eliza Chisholm
    Clinical Treatment Lead
  • One little girl would often scream at her peers and continually grab things from them, as well as not participate in any group activities. After only a couple of weeks, she is screaming less, learning how to communicate with her peers, and is more willing to participate in group activities.

    McKenna Burton
    Clinical Treatment Lead
  • You give children back their childhood.

    Megan VanCamp
    Therapeutic Group Supervisor

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