Paige’s Story


When she was only two years old, an outside foundation referred Paige to A Child’s Haven (ACH) to address social-emotional delays and behavioral concerns. During the intake appointment, Paige’s Foster Mother explained Paige was nonverbal and she had problems with her nonverbal communication as well. Paige also had a short attention span, was upset by separation and she was aggressive and impulsive.

In the Group Therapy Rooms, ACH Clinical Treatment Providers were really concerned by Paige’s lack of receptive and expressive language skills. Paige had real challenges using her words and ACH staff was determined to find strategies and resources to improve her communication. The ACH Child and Family Therapist warned Paige’s Foster Mom that her child’s reliance on non-verbal communication would be a barrier to future success in school, so helping Paige find her speaking voice became a priority.

During her ACH treatment, Paige threw tantrums, ignored staff directions, bit and hit. Paige was taught skills and strategies that helped minimize these behavior outbursts. For example, Clinical Treatment Providers taught Paige breathing strategies to use when she started to get upset.

Paige began to come out of her shell and her behavior improved. During her discharge assessment, Paige made eye contact two out of three times when spoken to. Her vocabulary improved and Paige could finally say the words, “Mama” and “No’ and began to understand verbal instructions.

Paige’s Foster Mom and ACH treatment team discussed next steps for Paige after discharge, and Paige’s Foster Mom was concerned about the transition to a typical classroom setting. ACH staff recommended a school in the district that helped children like Paige, and ACH staff helped strategize ideas to minimize the impact of changes. After 10 months of attending A Child’s Haven, Paige achieved her treatment goals and transferred to a school with a that incorporated special education services into their 3K program. Since then, Paige has found her voice, and she’s learned how to listen too.

*For the privacy of our families, names and some details have been changed.

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