Oliver’s Story*

When Oliver was only two years old, his father left his mother, leaving her to raise Oliver as a single parent. His mom worked two jobs and lived in a house with two other roommates in order to be able to pay rent. Because his mom was working so much, Oliver never had a regular routine and never knew who he would be taking care of him. When Oliver turned four and started pre-k, he began to have severe behavioral problems. He began expressing his anger and frustration violently by punching peers. When a teacher would try to take him to timeout, he would put up a fight, kicking and screaming.
After a few months of this behavior in his K4 class, Oliver’s mother was told that he couldn’t return. Fortunately, a staff member knew about A Child’s Haven and offered to help ’s mom fill out the referral form for ACH. Although she was very upset, she was grateful to have a place to send her son.

Oliver began treatment at ACH two weeks later and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Once his diagnosis was clear, our team at ACH was able to provide the correct therapy for Oliver and help educate his mom about Autism Spectrum Disorder and equip her with tools and techniques to try at home. However, it wasn’t that simple, Oliver was in treatment for a little over a year, and there were still many challenges along the way. He still had his days were he would hit one of his peers or through a tantrum, but, instead of the tantrums happening multiple times a day, they may only happen once a week instead. 

Oliver was successfully discharged and was able to transition back to his local elementary school. Not only was Oliver doing much better in handling his emotions, his mother became much more confident in her abilities to be the best mother to her child, and through our program she became a member of our community, for which she and Oliver were always welcomed back.

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*For the privacy of our families, names and some details have been changed.

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