Nevaeh’s Story

The day Nevaeh was born was her mother Pauline’s first day of sobriety. Pauline feared she was going to lose her baby, who was born with fetal alcohol disorders.

As she sat in the hospital, Pauline knew that she needed help to be the best mom possible for her new baby. After several months of counseling, right before Nevaeh’s first birthday, Pauline told her social worker she wanted to learn about other resources to help her address Navaeh’s developmental and social-emotional challenges. That’s when they received a referral to A Child’s Haven.

During intake, a Child and Family Therapist sat down with Pauline and asked her a series of questions to learn how we could best help her and her child. More than that, the therapist cared, listened, talked through past trauma and reviewed Nevaeh’s Individual Plan of Care with Pauline. ACH believed in Pauline, which empowered her in a situation where far too many families feel powerless.

After a few months of treatment, Nevaeh began reaching some basic developmental milestones needed to help her continue growing to meet more of her goals. During this time, a Child and Family Therapist met with Pauline for Family Therapy sessions a few times a month. During these sessions, the therapist helped Pauline create routines and habits in the home that would reinforce the progress Nevaeh was making at A Child’s Haven.

Today, Pauline is a strong, courageous, and motivated parent. Nevaeh has transitioned back into a traditional daycare setting and is thriving under her mom’s confident parenting.

Investing in families like Nevaeh and Pauline’s not only fortifies and strengthens their family unit, it strengthens our entire community. Invest today by clicking here.

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