Naomi and Justin’s Story

Naomi was two years old and Justin was only six months old when the Department of Social Services (DSS) removed them from their biological parent’s custody because of a child neglect incident. Naomi’s foster mother referred her for treatment at A Child’s Haven (ACH). Naomi was aggressive towards herself and others, and she would hit herself and her peers when angry or frustrated. During her ACH intake assessment, Naomi was diagnosed with language delays and Separation Anxiety Disorder. 

Justin began his ACH journey four months later because of developmental delays and parent-child relational challenges. Fortunately at this point, DSS had determined it was safe for Naomi and Justin to be back in the care of their biological parents. Because of this, ACH was able to continue helping the children, and our Child and Family Therapist was able to work directly with the biological parents as well.

Cynthia, ACH Clinical Director and the family’s Child and Family Therapist, worked with Naomi and Justin separately in Individual Therapy sessions and provided many Family Therapy sessions with their parents. Through the process Cynthia learned Justin and Naomi’s biological mother had suffered from trauma as a child. Cynthia helped the mother deal with her childhood traumas so she could avoid making the same mistakes with Naomi and Justin. During one of their family sessions, the mother shared, “I can say that both of us (mother and father) have matured. We don’t want our kids to have the same experiences that we had.”

The entire family worked hard to overcome their challenges, and after one year of treatment, Naomi and Justin were discharged from ACH and transitioned to traditional daycare. Naomi is no longer aggressive when frustrated or angry, is less defiant, and her language skills have improved. Justin has developed a strong relationship with his parents and his language delays are improving. Best of all, their family has been reunited and, together, they are all stronger.

Cynthia is thrilled with this family’s success. “They anticipated what they would be asked to do and just did it in advance. And they were the most cooperative and engaged parents I’ve had on my caseload in a long time. So I’d recommend this family as a success story, even though I give them full credit for their success. They put in the work and just did it, with our support.”

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