ACH Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Reopen plan

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From: A Child’s Haven

A Child’s Haven Reopen Plan

After weeks of quarantine with teletherapy services, A Child’s Haven (ACH) is reopening our Treatment Center June 1 with heightened safety precautions in place. Please read below for a synopsis of our new safety precautions.

Before entering the building:

Each child, adult, and staff member will fill out a questionnaire and complete a temperature check. If anyone answers yes to any question, or has a fever, they will be denied access to the building. Once the screening is complete, they will sanitize their hands and enter the building.

Children will be walked from their car, to the treatment room by ACH staff. Parents and Caregivers will not enter the building unless absolutely necessary, even if they have been screened.

Inside the building: 

We are implementing extra sanitation precautions in each treatment room. Staff will be encouraged to wear a mask when in close proximity to children or other co-workers. We have masks for children as well but will not require children wear the mask if they are uncomfortable.

We have split our staff into Team A and B to limit the number of people in each treatment room. If one team member needs to leave the room for any reason (i.e. to use the restroom), the another team member will enter and take over their responsibilities in the treatment room until the other team member returns.

All surfaces, toys, materials will be disinfected daily and all cloth items such as stuffed animals, sheets, blankets, and pillows will be washed weekly.

As always, all staff will practice good hand washing techniques, cover sneezes and coughs, and stay home if sick.

If someone shows COVID-19 symptoms:

If a staff member or child exhibits COVID-19 symptoms once in the building, they will be escorted to a designated isolation room where they will wait until they leave the premises or until a caregiver can pick them up. Staff members and other adults will be able stay in the isolation room alone. If a child exhibits symptoms, they will be isolated with a staff member that they have rapport with until they are picked up by their caregiver.

No one will be able to enter the isolation room until it is disinfected 24 hours after a sick person leaves the room.

In order for that staff member or child to return, they must present documentation from a medical professional that states they do not have COVID-19 or are not sick anymore.

If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19:

If someone at ACH is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will shut down our facility for 72 hours to allow enough time for us to disinfect the entire facility. That person or child will not be able to return to ACH for work or treatment services unless they have documentation from a medical professional stating that they are no longer infected.

All safety precautions were developed based on the latest recommendations from the CDC and DHEC. Our leadership team continues to monitor COVID-19 and will make adjustments in our policies when necessary. We thank you for your patience and support throughout this time. Because of you, children and families were still able to receive teletherapy treatment during our temporary shutdown. We look forward to reopening our treatment center on June 1 and providing our full services once again.

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