Carson’s Story

Before being referred to A Child’s Haven (ACH), Carson’s mother had many sleepless nights. Three year old Carson had a hard time verbally expressing his needs, but a few months prior, he had become more violent and began having outbursts. Carson’s father had switched jobs recently and had a much longer commute, limiting their time together. During the intake process, Carson’s mother told the Child and Family Therapist she believed this was why Carson was more violent at home and at preschool. She also shared that she had to quit her part-time job to take care of Carson because he had been kicked out of preschool. After evaluation, Carson was diagnosed with a stress-induced anxiety disorder. An ACH therapist assured Carson’s mother that A Child’s Haven staff were trained to work with children just like Carson, and their family would get the help they needed.

One week later, Carson began treatment in our Buttercups Therapy Room. Of course, Carson was nervous during his first few days. Because of this, he had a particularly hard time verbally expressing his needs like the day Carson kicked one of the Clinical Treatment Providers when going down for a nap because he did not want a blanket. Carson got the special attention he needed, and within a month he began communicating much more effectively and less violently. Carson used his words more and practiced patience when someone didn’t understand what he was asking for. 

Carson’s parents also gained extra parenting tools during their home visits with their Child and Family Therapist. Carson’s Father learned ways to make the most of his time with Carson while he was home. His mother gained skills to help Carson work through his outbursts at home and in public. Carson’s family reported that there are still bad days, but he is doing so much better. Carson has gotten used to the family’s new routine and changes aren’t the end of the world.

*For the privacy of our families, names and some details have been changed.


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