Aiden’s Story

Just before Aiden’s fourth birthday, his mother noticed he had some developmental delays and was struggling with aggression. He became angry quickly and didn’t play well with other children at the park. After about a month of this behavior, Aiden’s mother called his Pediatrician.

At Aiden’s appointment, his Pediatrician knew that something was wrong and referred them to A Child’s Haven (ACH). During their intake, his mother talked with the Child and Family Therapist about how any changes in routine, even the small changes, would send Aiden into meltdowns so severe he would get sick to his stomach. 

The therapist concluded Aiden was struggling with anxiety, possibly resulting from other developmental delays. Shortly after, Aiden began therapy at ACH.

After only one month, Aiden’s aggression began to improve. He still had meltdowns often, but was beginning to practice some of the strategies taught each day in the group treatment room. Aiden learned skills modeled by his Clinical Treatment Providers in his classroom.

By holding therapy sessions with Aiden’s parents, Aiden’s Child and Family Therapist were able to help his family implement certain routines into their home life. These new routines and strategies allowed Aiden have consistency to help him continue to reach his goal.

Aiden was discharged and successfully transitioned into a 5K program and it has been reported that he is doing well. Support more children like Aiden by donating to A Child’s Haven.

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