Extended Day Program – New!

ACH’s Extended Day Program Accepts ABC Vouchers

To better serve the needs of families with children who need Therapeutic Child Care, ACH launched our Extended Day Program in September 2020. Now we provide group treatment and added child care hours for  ACH enrolled families from 7:00am – 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, year-round. These new hours support struggling caregivers while they balance work, child care, and other life stressors. The newfound stability trickles down to their children and fortifies the three core therapeutic services provided to all ACH families.

Expanding our hours also allowed ACH to become ABC Quality program providers and to accept SC Child Care vouchers from eligible low-income families.

Our new eleven-hour day is a HUGE win for our children who struggle with severe social, emotional, and behavioral challenges and provides them with needed stability, structure, and continuity of care throughout their day.

For additional information about our Extended Day program, contact our Program Director or Associate Program Director.