Therapeutic Child Care


For children with behavioral, social, or emotional challenges, success in a mainstream child care program and entering kindergarten “ready to learn” can be difficult. A Child’s Haven’s early interventions address the mental health needs of these precious children and their caregivers. By healing the child and strengthening the family unit, their future and our community have the potential to be remarkably reshaped! 

Since 1992, our team has provided high-quality child care combined with behavioral health treatment in a nurturing, and structured environment. Each child has an individualized treatment plan designed to help them develop healthy social-emotional skills and improve behavior so they can successfully transition into a mainstream child care or education setting. Our program helps struggling families stay employed increase economic mobility, strengthens parenting skills and interfamily relationships, and connects those families to other community resources. 

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We provide three core services using evidence-based models:

Therapeutic Child Care (TCC)

Trained and credentialed early childhood clinicians administer TCC, a Medicaid Rehabilitative Behavioral Health service provided to small groups of children, at our center five days a week. Children learn social-emotional skills, self-regulation techniques, and develop language and motor skills while exploring creativity. 

Individual Therapy

Licensed Therapists administer weekly, one-hour Individual Therapy sessions to each child that focus on healing from trauma and reaching goals outlined in the child’s individual treatment plan. 

Family Therapy & Home Visitation

Licensed Therapists administer Family Therapy in the family’s home or at our center. This therapy enhances family interactions, develop positive parenting skills, and improves the family’s overall functioning and well-being. 


Turning Lives Around

A single mom struggled with homelessness for a couple of years. She was unable to maintain employment due to her daughter’s emotional outbursts; she was expelled from two typical preschool programs and one school district preschool program. Since enrollment at A Child’s Haven, her child has learned calming strategies, and the mom has gained a better understanding of how her homelessness impacted her daughter’s development.

The mom is actively engaged during home visits, learning and practicing positive parenting techniques. With the support of crisis management by the Child & Family Therapist, this family is no longer homeless and is able to properly regulate emotions. Emotional stabilization has empowered the mom to return to nursing school, focusing on her goal of family financial stability.

Client Feedback

Helping children heal and grow isn’t possible without the family’s participation. Our work in the treatment rooms must be reinforced in the home. The feedback we receive from the parents and caregivers is heavily valued by our team. 

of families reported that they have increased knowledge and gained skills to help their child.
of caregivers reported they deal with daily problems or challenges more effectively after program services.
of caregivers reported "I feel more confident with my ability to parent my child."

Find Out How You Can Help

Whether you donate to A Child’s Haven, volunteer your time, or refer a family, you can help build brighter futures for children in the Upstate.