Therapeutic Treatment


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can be prevented! Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have tremendous impact on lifelong health and opportunity. Without aggressive intervention, this damage can become permanent and lead to a lifetime of suffering that affects the entire community.

At A Child’s Haven, we provide hope where there is none. We meet families where they are, giving them the tools they need to reach beyond their current circumstances. No matter the day of the week, our program provides behavioral health services that consist of individual, group, and family therapies as well as parent education, developmental screening, and referral.

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Guiding Families Towards Healthy Futures Through:

Therapeutic Childcare Treatment

Children that join our program often show signs of emotional trauma, social and emotional delays and limited behavioral functioning. Under the close guidance of our trained clinicians, we develop individualized plans to support each child through customized group therapies, love, and a nurturing environment.

We partner with GHS Children’s Hospital to provide a registered nurse who monitors the child’s medical needs, and we provide daily transportation for all of our children, all at no charge to the family.


A child’s transformation can only succeed if he or she enjoys a safe home that is physically and emotionally healthy. The good news is that most parents want to do a good job raising their children — they just need someone they trust to help them learn how.

Child & Family Therapists work closely with families providing weekly home visitation. The purpose is to identify goals to improve family interactions, develop positive parenting skills and to improve the family’s overall mental health. We provide an evidence based holistic approach to ensure success of each child and their family.

Parent Support Groups

Parent support groups meet weekly to provide support, encouragement and reinforcement to each family as they learn to apply positive parenting strategies. Parent support groups assist parents in understanding developmental milestones, why behaviors occur, and promote parents’ use of praise and other positive parenting techniques. Parents benefit from sharing experiences with each other and forming a network of support that helps them to know that they are not alone.

Our parenting classes reinforce the one-on-one training that each parent receives during our home visits, while also allowing us to provide the tools they need to raise healthy and successful children.


Turning Lives Around

A single mom struggled with homelessness for a couple of years. She was unable to maintain employment due to her daughter’s emotional outbursts; she was expelled from two typical preschool programs and one school district preschool program. Since enrollment at A Child’s Haven, her child has learned calming strategies, and the mom has gained a better understanding of how her homelessness impacted her daughter’s development.

The mom is actively engaged during home visits, learning and practicing positive parenting techniques. With the support of crisis management by the Child & Family Therapist, this family is no longer homeless and is able to properly regulate emotions. Emotional stabilization has empowered the mom to return to nursing school, focusing on her goal of family financial stability.

Client Feedback

Helping children heal and grow isn’t possible without the family’s participation. Our work in the treatment rooms must be reinforced in the home. The feedback we receive from the families is essential and encouraging, and paints a picture of how our services benefit the community as a whole. After conducting a survey to learn about how parents view our services, we found that…

say that A Child’s Haven staff are courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.
say that A Child’s Haven staff respect their wishes about confidentiality.
would recommend A Child’s Haven to a friend or family member.
believe that they receive the kinds of services that their child and family wants and needs.
say that their child & family therapist listens to what they have to say.

Find Out How You Can Help

Whether you donate to A Child’s Haven, volunteer your time, or refer a family, you can help build brighter futures for children in the Upstate.