What is Therapeutic Child Care?

A Child’s Haven is modeled after Childs Haven in Seattle Washington, an organization featured in The Chronicle for Social Change. A Child’s Haven provides individual and behavioral health treatment for young children and their parents or caregivers. Unique to our work is the two-generational work that is a core element of Therapeutic Child Care (TCC) services.

TCC is specific, targeted treatment services for children under the age of 6 with serious emotional disorders. This service is intended for children who have experienced trauma, neglect and abuse and are in need of early intervention. This focused treatment approach is intended to achieve identified goals and objectives as set forth in the beneficiary’s IPOC. TCC is provided to beneficiaries under 6 years of age in child psychosocial program settings which are accredited, and licensed or approved as day care centers.

Today, TCC is a rehabilitative behavioral health service (RBHS) funded by the SC Department of Health and Human Services. TCC is listed on the Medicaid beneficiary’s individualized plan of care, and clinical documentation must support the units billed to Medicaid.

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