Volunteer Spotlight- Featuring, Brooks O’Hanlan, Future Eagle Scout

“For my project, I am constructing a pilot garden for the parents and children who attend A Child’s Haven. This will help to develop a relationship between the parent and their child.

On Saturday, April 21st, a group of staff, clients, and I built six, raised garden beds on the A Child’s Haven campus. This pilot program will be an experiment to see if this will be a successful method to strengthen the bond between a parent and their child. If successful, then A Child’s Haven will continue to use this as a method to treat neglected children, as well as develop a stronger bond between a child and their parents.

Once we have completed installing a drip irrigation kit and planting seedlings, I will return to help harvest the produce. This time will also be used as an opportunity to educate the parents and children of A Child’s Haven on gardening and sustainability.

Gardening has been found to relieve stress and is beneficial for both the mind and the body. It is a great parent-child interaction activity that will help guide a parent and child towards a common goal, while also teaching responsibility. This project will help build relationships through gardening, as well as educate families on how to grow and harvest their own supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

– Brooks O’Hanlan

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