The Miller’s Story

The Miller Family

Three months earlier, Robert and Jennifer Miller adopted baby Olivia, who had been abandoned the day she was born. At first, everything seemed fine; Olivia was happy and healthy. One day, one of the daycare staff shared that Oliva was having trouble making eye contact and rolling over on her own. She recommended that the Millers make an appointment with their pediatrician. Robert and Jennifer were worried and knew they needed to talk with their doctor right away.

During the doctor’s appointment, Robert and Jennifer’s fears were confirmed. Olivia was missing important developmental milestones. The Millers were devastated. They had been working for years to adopt a baby and provide the best for their new child, and they felt as if they had already failed Olivia. Their doctor reassured them that Olivia would be fine but needed extra attention that daycare could not provide, so he referred them to A Child’s Haven.

Olivia began showing improvements within the first month of being admitted to A Child’s Haven. The Millers learned skills to help Olivia like tips to maintain meaningful eye contact and putting toys just out of reach to encourage Olivia to begin moving more independently.  By her first birthday, Olivia was meeting the all appropriate milestones and was able to transition back into mainstream childcare.

A Child’s Haven continues to check in on the Millers. Each time we reach out to them, they thank us for giving them the help they needed. Robert and Jennifer also share that they use skills that they were taught during their home visits and the “Group Connections” classes every day. Olivia is starting K4 this year and is excited about making new friends and playing on the “big playground.”

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*For the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and a few small details of this family’s story.