Palmer’s Story

Palmer used to have a chaotic life. His relationship with his father was inconsistent and unstable, he demanded his wants be fulfilled immediately, he shouted and screamed in public and ignored his mother. One time the police had to be called to help to control Palmer while he and his family were out in public. Palmer’s extreme behavior got him kicked out of daycare multiple times.

Palmer’s mother was overwhelmed and feared his behaviors would never improve. As bad as things were, she was determined to find help for her son. Things changed when a previous care center recommended Palmer go to A Child’s Haven.

Palmer arrived at A Child’s Haven (ACH) when he was 3 ½. After the intake process and assessments, ACH staff developed an individual plan of care treatment for Palmer and his family, and his mother saw a glimmer of hope that Palmer’s behaviors could be managed. ACH clinicians started treatment, which included helping Palmer deal with his anxiety, increasing assertiveness skills, increasing a secure attachment with his parents and improving self-regulation skills.

Palmer was scared when he first came to ACH, but he soon started to make sense of the environment. He learned how to share with others, talk openly about his feelings, and how to calm himself when he was feeling anxious or upset. Palmer has learned conflict resolution strategies and is more responsible and positive. He can identify challenges and is far more civil and respectful.

Palmer’s mother learned a lot too. She participated in home visitation sessions and attended both parent support groups and parent education classes. Palmer’s mother learned positive parenting technique, understanding, resiliency and protective factors.

Palmer and his mother have come so far. Your gift to A Child’s Haven can help current children and families enjoy the same success.

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