Noah’s Story

Four year old Noah and his foster mother, Jane came to us after Noah was expelled from his child care facility. During Noah’s assessment, our Child and Family Therapist learned Noah was in foster care because he was abused and neglected by his birth parents. They also observed that Noah was very defiant and showed extreme frustration when things didn’t go his way.
When asked, Jane shared that Noah preferred to play alone and often would get in arguments and physical confrontations with his peers. She also reported that he would tear things up or break things out of anger and frustration. Jane began to cry and admitted she sometimes loses control when disciplining Noah and yells at him uncontrollably. The Child and Family Therapist comforted her and said that during their time at ACH, both Jane and her son would grow and learn positive ways to deal with Noah’s outbursts.

After a few months at ACH, Noah utilized self regulation strategies he learned from our clinical staff. He also began to verbalize his frustrations instead of using violence. If Noah used violence to express anger, Clinical Treatment Providers redirected him and helped him calm down.

By the time Noah was ready to be discharged, he had positive peer interactions, better listening skills, and was learning to accept changes when something didn’t go his way. During the last home visitation with their Child and Family Therapist, Jane shared she was happy with Noah’s progress but nervous about what would happen after he was discharged from ACH. The therapist assured Jane that even though they would not be enrolled at ACH, they could always call when they needed guidance or advice. 

*For the privacy of our families, names and some details have been changed.

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