Nicole’s Story*

During the first few years of Nicole’s life, she was just like every other little girl. She loved to play and giggle. Nicole’s parents and extended family were close-knit and were very involved in her life. Shortly after turning four and starting 4K, Nicole’s parents and teachers noticed she was becoming very withdrawn, had a hard time communicating verbally, and would throw tantrums when the class began to do an activity together.

After a Parent/Teacher conference, the teachers decided to try a few techniques in the classroom. A few weeks later, the teachers met with Nicole’s parents once again and concluded Nicole needed to attend a facility that could spend a little more one-on-one time with her and referred Nicole to A Child’s Haven.

Nicole’s parents completed the A Child’s Haven (ACH) intake process a week later and our Child and Family Therapist diagnosed Nicole with Unspecified Trauma – and Stressor – related Disorder. Nicole’s parents were upset but the therapist reassured them that ACH would be able to connect them to every resource that they would need and that our staff are highly trained to work with children just like Nicole. 

As expected, when Nicole first arrived at ACH she enjoyed playing by herself but when asked to participate in group activities with her peers, she became very upset.Nicole would not stop crying until one of the Clinical Providers took her to the “calming cube” and let her be by herself for a few minutes. After just a few weeks of treatment, Nicole learned that when she felt overwhelmed, she could take a few minutes and walk to the “calming cube” for a break. Our staff equipped her parents with similar techniques to use when Nicole had an outburst at home. 

There were many ups and downs in Nicole’s treatment, and by the time she was discharged, she was ready to transition into her public school. Nicole is now in kindergarten and her parents tell us that Nicole’s communication skills and emotional responses are continuing to improve every day.

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*For the privacy of our families, names and some details have been changed.

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