Nevaeh’s Story

The day Nevaeh was born was her mother Pauline’s first day of sobriety. Pauline feared she was going to lose her baby, who was born with fetal alcohol disorders. As she sat in the hospital, Pauline knew that she needed...
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Aiden’s Story

Just before Aiden’s fourth birthday, his mother noticed he had some developmental delays and was struggling with aggression. He became angry quickly and didn’t play well with other children at the park. After about a month of this behavior, Aiden’s...
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Halli’s Story

Halli was only two years old, her birth parents were fighting addiction, and it was not safe for her to stay with them. Since there were no other family members to take Halli in, she was placed in Foster Care....
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Kory’s Story

Before beginning treatment at A Child’s Haven (ACH), Kory went through a lot in his first two years. His mother and father divorced, leaving Kory to live between two different houses with no sort of routine. During one of Kory’s...
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Sidney’s Story

Sidney’s treatment at A Child’s Haven (ACH) began when she was three and a half years old. Her pediatrician referred Sidney so she could overcome her social-emotional delays and behavioral challenges such as extreme aggression and anxiety. When our Child...
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Jaylen’s Story

Jaylen was admitted to A Child’s Haven when he was two years old after exhibiting many different social, emotional and behavioral challenges. During the family’s intake, the ACH Child and Family Therapist learned that Jaylen had been diagnosed with Autism,...
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ACH Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Reopen plan

Memo To: Public From: A Child’s Haven A Child’s Haven Reopen Plan After weeks of quarantine with teletherapy services, A Child’s Haven (ACH) is reopening our Treatment Center June 1 with heightened safety precautions in place. Please read below for...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE – Closing Monday, 3/23

Memo To: Public From: A Child’s Haven We have decided suspend services on Monday, March 23rd . This means that we will not be providing transportation, childcare, or in-person treatment during this time. Our HOPE is to reopen to normal...
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Max’s Story

Max was referred to A Child’s Haven (ACH) to address his Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Parent-Child Relational issues. During the intake appointment, Max’s mother explained that “he gets into his own zone” meaning that when an adult would speak to...
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