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Therapeutic Child Care: An Underused Tool in Family Preservation and Foster Care

FILED  2/ 16/ 2016 BY MARIE K. COHEN We know that chronic abuse and neglect can interrupt a young child’s brain development and result in developmental delays and behavioral problems. We also know that early intervention can mitigate the consequences...
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John and Elizabeth’s Story

John was about to turn four years old when his baby sister, Elizabeth, was born. His parents had just separated, and John was having an extra hard time adjusting to the arrival of his new sibling. Because of this, John...
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Rosa’s Story

Rosa was 18 months old when her family began treatment at A Child’s Haven (ACH). During the intake, Rosa’s mother shared that Rosa would throw tantrums and become anxious whenever she left the room or with the slightest change to...
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Tony’s Story

Tony and his mother Carole were referred to A Child’s Haven (ACH) when Tony was four years old. They came from an abusive background and because of their trauma history, Tony had extreme behavioral issues. During their intake appointment, Carole...
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Meet Our 2021 Board of Directors Executive Committee & Inductees

As we enter a new year, A Child’s Haven is excited to welcome our new Executive Committee, as well as, three new inductees to new three-year terms on our board of directors. Our new Executive Committee includes Brent Atwood –...
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Nevaeh’s Story

The day Nevaeh was born was her mother Pauline’s first day of sobriety. Pauline feared she was going to lose her baby, who was born with fetal alcohol disorders. As she sat in the hospital, Pauline knew that she needed...
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Aiden’s Story

Just before Aiden’s fourth birthday, his mother noticed he had some developmental delays and was struggling with aggression. He became angry quickly and didn’t play well with other children at the park. After about a month of this behavior, Aiden’s...
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Halli’s Story

Halli was only two years old, her birth parents were fighting addiction, and it was not safe for her to stay with them. Since there were no other family members to take Halli in, she was placed in Foster Care....
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Kory’s Story

Before beginning treatment at A Child’s Haven (ACH), Kory went through a lot in his first two years. His mother and father divorced, leaving Kory to live between two different houses with no sort of routine. During one of Kory’s...
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