Melanie and Ethan’s Story

Melanie was a single mom raising her son, Ethan.  She worked two jobs and didn’t have family nearby to help with Ethan when needed. Although her life was stressful, Melanie was making it work and was still able to provide for her son.  However, when Ethan turned four and started pre-school, he began to have major behavior issues in the classroom where he would suddenly get very upset and throw things or hurt himself or his classmates.  After six months of multiple parent teacher meetings and trying to get help for her son, one day when Melanie came to pick up Ethan, she was told that he was no longer welcome at the childcare center.  Melanie was devastated.  She suddenly felt hopeless and didn’t have anyone or anything to turn to.

The next day at work Melanie was telling a co-worker about the situation and they told her that they volunteered at A Child’s Haven and that she should reach out and learn more about our services. A few weeks later, Melanie brought Ethan in for an evaluation and our licensed therapist diagnosed Ethan with bipolar disorder. He was then given an Individualized Plan of Care during his intake at A Child’s Haven.  After one week of treatment, Melanie began to see improvements in Ethan’s behavior, and she learned ways to help her son when he had an episode at home.  Our Child and Family Therapists visited her at home each week to help her gain skills she could use each day with Ethan to help improve his behavior and share his emotions.

Ethan was discharged one year later and entered kindergarten at a Greenville County public school. Melanie reported Ethan still has outbursts every so often, but they don’t last nearly as long, and she is confident in her ability to help him work through those outbursts when they do happen.

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