Julia’s Success Story

Four year old Julia and her mother, Meredith, came to ACH after Julia was expelled from her daycare. During Julia’s assessment, our Child and Family Therapist learned that Meredith recently divorced Julia’s father after experiencing domestic violence. The therapist also observed that Julia was very defiant and showed extreme frustration when things didn’t go her way.

When asked, Meredith shared that Julia preferred to play alone and would often  argue and fight with peers. Julia would also throw things out of anger and frustration. Meredith admitted she would sometimes lose control when disciplining Julia and yell at her uncontrollably. The Child and Family Therapist comforted her and said that during their time at ACH, both Meredith and her daughter would grow and learn positive ways to deal with Julia’s outbursts.

After a few months at ACH, Julia began utilizing self regulation strategies she learned from our clinical staff. She also began verbalizing his frustrations instead of using violence. If Julia resorted to violence, Clinical Treatment Providers redirected her and calmed her down with breathing techniques and sensory stuffed animals. Along with the social-emotional and behavioral curriculum, ACH was also helping Julia prepare for kindergarten. This combination helped Julia heal from her trauma while also preparing her for success in school after ACH. 

By the time Julia discharged, she had positive peer interactions, better listening skills, and had learned to accept situations that didn’t go her way. During the last home visitation with their Child and Family Therapist, Meredith shared she was happy with Julia’s progress and believed she was ready for kindergarten. 

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