Jaylen’s Story

Jaylen was admitted to A Child’s Haven when he was two years old after exhibiting many different social, emotional and behavioral challenges. During the family’s intake, the ACH Child and Family Therapist learned that Jaylen had been diagnosed with Autism, was non-verbal, and would throw several destructive tantrums every day. After the intake process, Jaylen’s mother knew they were right where they needed to be and was hopeful Jaylen would gain a lot from his time at A Child’s Haven. She also believed she would gain confidence through the parent education pieces of our treatment.
At A Child’s Haven, Jaylen learned to communicate verbally, developed coping skills, practiced self-regulation techniques during outbursts, and so much more. Since Jaylen has discharged from A Child’s Haven, he has not only been able to function in a typical school setting, he is thriving. Jaylen’s mother told us he recently received an award in his third grade class. Jaylen’s teacher explained why he received this award.
“Jaylen is hard-working and persistent in his academics. He is very inquisitive and that leads to him taking charge of his own learning through effective and efficient exploration. He shows true compassion towards his peers, and is always lending a helping hand.” – Jaylen’s 3rd Grade Teacher
Jaylen’s mother also learned a lot from ACH. As a single mother, she was carrying extra stress while raising Jaylen and ACH was able to give her the confidence and skills she needed to be the best parent she could be for her child. She recently shared this message with the Child and Family Therapist who treated them at ACH.
“Jaylen is doing so well! To think of where we started, I seriously don’t think he would have come this far without A Child’s Haven. That’s where he gained his strength and voice, and in all honesty, we both gained our strength there.” – Jaylen’s Mother
Jaylen’s story is just one of the many success stories from A Child’s Haven. Our three core services are unique, and truly reshape the futures of the children and families we serve.

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