Jamal’s Story

Jamal’s family struggled to make ends meet. His father worked three jobs, leaving Jamal’s mom and grandmother taking turns caring for Jamal when he wasn’t at the corner childcare center. Everything was going well until Jamal’s grandmother relapsed into substance abuse. After that, Jamal was never sure where he was going to go to sleep or where he would wake up. The lack of structure began to wear on him. Jamal lashed out at home and refused to go to sleep until he was completely exhausted. He began hitting other children in daycare and having uncontrollable outbursts. The situation reached a breaking point when Jamal was expelled from his childcare center. Things were bleak, and then a friend recommended Jamal’s family reach out to A Child’s Haven.

When Jamal was admitted to A Child’s Haven, he suffered from separation anxiety and a low self-confidence. ACH Therapeutic Providers recognized Jamal needed more structure and to be able to trust his caregivers. By using mindful interactions during hours of group and individual therapy, Jamal’s ACH family built his self-esteem and taught him how to communicate his feelings and deal with stress related to change. Jamal thrived in ACH’s structured environment, started sharing his toys and even made friends. During Home Visitation, Jamal’s Family Support Counselor taught his parents how to work through his anxiety by making sure they listened to Jamal’s concerns and creating a schedule so Jamal would know where he would be sleeping and who was picking him up from ACH. After six months of treatment, Jamal was discharged from ACH. He’s been back in mainstream childcare for four months and loves to play dinosaurs with Thomas, his new best friend.

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