Jake’s Story

Imagine, you walk into the room and see your father hitting your grandmother, not once, but twice, choking her and you suddenly feel an overwhelming sensation of fear. Grandmother fights back by grabbing a baseball bat, and in an instant, you feel your body quiver as tears pour down your face. “Why are they fighting?”  Moments later, the police show up at your house and you see your father handcuffed, placed in the vehicle, and taken away. Your mind races, “What’s happening? Where is daddy going? Is grandmother going to be okay? I sure do miss mommy”.  Days later you find out that your dad is in jail and you won’t see him for 25 years. You’re so angry and upset but don’t know what to feel.

The scene mentioned above may seem like one from a movie, but for a child who attended our facility, it was a reality…

When this young boy first arrived, he had already been thrown out of two daycares. He would arrive each morning, ignoring his peers, and would instead throw items such as toys, and sometimes even chairs. When Jake would become extremely angry he would attempt to kick, hit, and curse at staff.  There were even experiences where staff had to physically restrain him to keep him from harming himself and others. This, of course, would result in him breaking down crying, talking about all that he had gone through, and expressing his longing for his parents.

As mentioned, this child does not currently attend A Child’s Haven as he successfully discharged from our program to kindergarten. However, because of the support of people like you, Jake can now interact and share with his peers, and even engages in random acts of kindness. More so, he is comfortable with accepting nurturing and comfort, understands how to cope with his emotions in a healthy way, but most of all, he knows that he is loved, safe, and valued.

Success like this does not happen overnight. It is a result of the unwavering love and commitment of the staff at A Child’s Haven who are able to provide this child with the therapeutic treatment that he needs in order to live a normal life.

Through early intervention, intensive in-home guidance, and family support, we are able to meet families where they are, and give them tools they need to look beyond their current circumstances. Because of your support we are able to provide a safe haven for children.

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