Hunter’s Story

Hunter enrolled in A Child’s Haven demonstrating defiant behavior and extreme aggression. Additionally, Hunter couldn’t regulate his emotions and was severely limited in his verbal communication skills. Hunter has made significant progress after attending our program for a little over a year.

A lot of work went into Hunter’s success. It began when our team assessed Hunter and developed a customized treatment plan when he was admitted to A Child’s Haven. Hunter’s Family Support Counselor worked with him and his foster parents for over a year administering early intervention services through home visitation and individual therapy.

Hunter’s foster parents had strong, positive parenting skills when they started the program, but they were struggling to use them due to the combination of Hunter’s severe communication delay and aggressive behaviors.

All the effort has been worth it! Today, Hunter exhibits marked improvements in his ability to express himself verbally, which also allows him to self-regulate his emotions. He now knows a variety of coping strategies that he uses independently when he is angry or frustrated. Hunter is rarely aggressive anymore, as he has learned instead how to effectively resolve conflict and to be kind and show empathy toward others. He now follows directions and even has superb manners!

As far as Hunter’s foster parents, they have learned new ways to communicate with, support, and set boundaries for him. In turn, their confidence in their ability to parent him has greatly increased, and the family is now able to spend more time enjoying each other rather than constantly addressing problem behaviors.

Hunter is like a completely different child compared to when he enrolled in our program a year ago. His foster parents, who hope to adopt him, plan to enroll him in preschool in the fall.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them!” ~ Magic Johnson

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