Halli’s Story

Halli was only two years old, her birth parents were fighting addiction, and it was not safe for her to stay with them. Since there were no other family members to take Halli in, she was placed in Foster Care.

Because of this trauma, Halli had severe developmental delays including trouble communicating though speech, extreme anxiety, and radical behavioral challenges. Fortunately, Halli’s foster parents had heard about A Child’s Haven (ACH) and began the self-referral process.

Halli started ACH less than a week after the intake process was completed. During her first few days, she cried constantly. Our Clinical Treatment Providers worked extra hard to communicate with Halli to help her work through her anxiety.

After two short weeks, Halli began showing great progress. She learned how to communicate certain commands and needs through sign language such as, “more”, “please”, “thank you”, “all done”, and more. Being able to communicate, even if only in a small way, gave Halli more confidence to use her signs and she began trying to use words to communicate instead of relying on crying.

Not only did Halli gain new skills, but her foster parents did also. The family’s ACH Child and Family Therapist (CFT) equipped them with much needed tools to help Halli continue her progress at home. The CFT also provided emotional support, which gave Halli’s foster parents the strength and confidence they needed to be there for Halli as she recovered from her trauma.

Before transitioning to a typical daycare facility, Halli and her foster parents took another assessment to check their progress. The difference was astounding. Halli was forming small sentences and went from having multiple anxiety attacks every week, to one or two per month. Halli was ready to move on and continue learning in a new environment.

You can help support children like Halli by investing in our Therapeutic Treatment Programs.

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