Camden and Hayden’s Story

Camden and Hayden come from a low-income family with limited social support, and some of their family didn’t understand their needs. Both boys live with their biological parents. Their father works, and mother is a stay-at-home-parent. Camden and Hayden’s mother attended and successfully completed parent education classes at A Child’s Haven where she learned and demonstrated positive parenting techniques. Both parents adopted Parents as Teachers strategies they learned through home visitation and our parent education classes.

Hayden arrived for treatment at A Child’s Haven at 2 ½ years old years old. Initially, Hayden lacked awareness of any type of danger in his surroundings, endangering himself and others. He also harmed animals, ate non-food items, and exhibited extreme aggression towards others. Hayden’s gross motor, fine motor, and speech development were all delayed. His diagnosis included parent-child relational problems, sibling relational problems, and later discovered selective mutism along with suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder. During his time at A Child’s Haven, Hayden learned vital skills like listening and cooperation, impulse-control, personal safety, self-regulation and social skills. Hayden successfully discharged from A Child’s Haven into Headstart at 3 years old.

Camden­ arrived for treatment at A Child’s Haven when he was 3 ½ years old. At the time, Camden displayed defiant, physically aggressive, impulsive, and risky behaviors. He was not able to comply with instructions and would act aggressively toward others. Camden also struggled with hyperactivity and maintaining focus. Camden’s diagnosis included Autism Spectrum Disorder by Report, Parent-Child Relational Problems and Sibling Relational Problems. During his time at A Child’s Haven, Camden learned coping strategies, decreased aggression, while improving and increasing his emotional regulation, listening, and positive relationship building skills. Camden attended A Child’s Haven for almost a year and discharged to enroll in 4K at his local elementary school.

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