Brittney’s Story

Brittney arrived at A Child’s Haven when she was four years old. Brittney had previously been neglected, so at the time she was living in foster care under DSS Custody. She presented generalized anxiety disorder, parent-child relational problems, and other personal risk factors such as self-harming.

Brittney was easily upset by separation, nervous, and would excessively cry. Additionally, she would also become overactive, impulsive, and exhibit tantrums. All of this triggered great concern for Brittney’s foster mom and thus their journey with A Child’s Haven began.

Brittney desperately needed to learn and implement positive self-regulation skills to cope with overwhelming and or unpleasant feelings, as well as learning to recognize and express them. More so, she needed to develop increased cooperation skills to better understand how to follow directions and transition throughout the day.

With guidance from their family support counselor, Brittney’s foster parents were able to learn how to respond to her distress by providing comfort and acknowledging her emotions to decrease her severe behavior problems.

After attending A Child’s Haven for over a year, Brittney developed age-appropriate self-soothing skills, social skills, and increased both her cooperation skills and self-regulation skills. Brittney discharged in less than a year after making huge strides and successfully transitioned to kindergarten.

Today, she has found her forever family, as her foster parents decided to adopt her! Brittney’s new family learned how to better support her by increasing healthy attachment and increasing parent-child interactions.

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