Aiden’s Story

Aiden was removed from his biological parent and placed in the care of his paternal grandmother. Aiden had also been discharged from two daycares within four weeks due to his extreme negative behaviors. Prior to coming to A Child’s Haven, he was described as “a wild animal.” Aiden was referred to our agency due to his abuse/neglect history and the severe behavior problems that he presented. He was physically aggressive and used very little language due to a severe speech delay.

In the picture below, Aiden can be seen practicing muscle tension and relaxation with Playdoh in a one-on-one therapy session with his Family Support Counselor. At the time, Aiden was learning how his body felt when his muscles would tense up. His Family Support Counselor worked to teach Aiden strategies that he could use whenever he felt this way like taking a deep breath, counting to 10, and walking away when he feels angry.

During home visitation, our services and Parents as Teachers Curriculum assisted Aiden’s grandmother in learning how to help him regulate his emotions.

Today, Aiden is able to play with other children without physical aggression and has increased his ability to follow directions from his caregiver. Even better, Aiden’s grandmother can now assist Aiden naturally with prompting when he becomes overwhelmed.  In fact, her own anxiety has been reduced as well because his behaviors have changed for the better.

In a few months, Aiden will transition to the school district and take his calming strategies with him to help him reach his full potential.

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