Addie and Jane’s Story

Addie and Jane were four years old when they came to A Child’s Haven. Their diagnosis included an array of behavior disorders and an upbringing away from their biological parents due to physical abuse and neglect. Addie and Jane lived with their biological parents until they were 3 years old and were then placed in a foster home under DSS Custody. They both demonstrated aggressive behaviors including extreme defiance, tantrums, physical aggression, and were kicked out of daycare multiple times.

Because of your support, Addie and Jane were able to attend A Child’s Haven and work on increasing cooperation skills, self-regulation, communication, and self-control.  Their foster parents were empowered to help the girls overcome their developmental delays and the trauma that they had endured. Through our parents support classes and home visitation programs, Addie and Jane’s foster parents were equipped with knowledge and resources to prepare the girls for a stronger start in life and greater success in school.

Together, Addie and Jane successfully discharged from A Child’s Haven after one year of treatment, which is less than our average treatment time of a year and a half. Both girls successfully transitioned to kindergarten and found their forever home when they were adopted by their foster as their foster family.

Help our current children and families reach the same success that Addie and Jane enjoy today. A small gift to A Child’s Haven can make a huge difference.