September 6, 2018
$5,000 grant from BB&T Fall for Greenville presented by Pepsi gives A Child’s Haven Chills Greenville, SC: A Child’s Haven (ACH) has a new freezer courtesy of a $5,000 grant from BB&T Fall for Greenville presented by Pepsi. The new addition is already helping lower food costs. ACH Chef John Zuber is putting the new...
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Camden and Hayden come from a low-income family with limited social support, and some of their family didn’t understand their needs. Both boys live with their biological parents. Their father works, and mother is a stay-at-home-parent. Camden and Hayden’s mother attended and successfully completed parent education classes at A Child’s Haven where she learned and demonstrated...
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A Child’s Haven has temporarily suspended on-site services in response to potential COVID-19 exposures.

We plan to reopen Monday, October 5.

Click to read a statement from our Executive Director, Tanya Camunas.